Birthday Wishes

This custom-confection upstaged any serious tennis we were planning to play earlier in the week. A birthday surprise for our friend and spin-serve queen, Brandy, its tennis plus Chanel-red lipstick design combo was almost too lovable to bite into.

But we found the courage.

The heavenly blend of white chocolate and pralines is the handy work of a Brazilian baker in town named Nelma. Message me for her contact information. No tennis experience required.


Sage Words from Vica

I enjoyed reading this profile on Victoria Azarenka in the Times this morning. Her comment about getting young kids to play tennis together, as part of a club activity or in a clinic, resonated with me. When kids play as part of a larger group, she says, they tend to stick with the sport longer. Food for thought!

How others see you…

This image says it all. A friend sent it to me after a humbling week of tennis play. I find it both inspiring and consoling, and I plan to use it to my advantage!

photo copy

A New Tennis Chapter

Hitting with Craig Sandvig in the early morning hours may leave me looking like a drowned rat, but I feel like a million bucks when the last of the tennis balls have been picked up, dropped into their baskets, and the next group of eager students file onto the courts. This feeling comes from being pushed beyond my comfort zone and being successful enough that the task doesn’t drain my confidence. It’s a fine balance to strike and one that Craig accomplishes remarkably well on my behalf.

This summer, I want to work on being “a terror at the net,” as Craig likes to say, instead of being terrorized by it. This will take time and convincing as I tame my fear of being hit in the eye…or worse yet on the head…or heaven forbid my teeth! As we set out to take my game to the next level, another goal is to think about shot selection and strategy, which requires a heady dose of brain cells before making the first split-step. “You want me to think and hit at the same time?” I whisper to myself. Luckily, at 7:30 am, Craig and I are the only two people on the courts, which is the perfect set-up to carry out his instructions: Go for every shot and make as many mistakes as you need to get there.

The only downside to all this newfound energy and confidence is that it makes me want to shop. Wimbledon started this week and that means the player’s new kits are out and for sale! This morning I logged onto only to find disappointment at the end of my scroll. No Wimbledon kits! Not Maria’s from Nike, or Ana’s from adidas. Clearly I must have overlooked them, and so I call the 800 number. A friendly voice on the other end answers the phone, directs me to a couple of web pages, goes silent, and puts me on hold. Minutes later he’s back on the line, apologizing for not offering the kits and unable to explain exactly why. “I’m just as confused as you are. We should’ve had them by now,” he says. At it’s the same story, same thing on the Nike and adidas sites. What gives?

If I could, this is what I’d buy to celebrate the beginning of what I hope will be more tennis in my life.


Ana Ivanovic’ Wimbledon outfit 2014. Pretty cute, right?





Bag of Tricks

I’ve always wondered what the pros carry in their bags. Here’s my answer.

Ever since Fabi took over my red and black Babolat bag, I’ve been in the market for a new one. I like this one, pictured below, because it doubles as a summer tote.


World Cup Fever!

Everyone I know has World Cup fever.

Maybe it’s the company of Latins I’ve been keeping of late.

But whatever the case, while Danny buys out Target in search of a lone, elusive Lionel Messi sticker for the kids to add to their World Cup albums, I can’t help but wonder…Will anyone pay attention to Wimbledon once it begins next week?

argie 1 colombia 2




My First Broken String

There’s always a first time for everything in tennis, and just a few weeks ago I broke a string on my Babolat minutes into a lesson. Fortunately I was in good company, and knew the perfect place to take it to be fixed in a hurry. While I was at it, the kids and I couldn’t help but select new, coral-hued grips for our racquets at Tennis Machines Sales & Service, just minutes from downtown Clayton. Thanks, Terry and Kyle!   


5 Goals for Summer Tennis 2014

1. Plan my work week around tennis practice, not the other way around.

2. Resolve to be courageous at the net. No more backing up to the baseline, even when the hard-hitters are opposite me.

3. Stay focused on the court regardless of how many things are on my off-court to-do list.

3. Give Stella McCartney for adidas another chance. Her first line for the brand was only so-so, and the fit didn’t… well…fit. This summer the British designer has introduced pretty separates in eye-catching hues. I can’t resist giving her the benefit of the doubt.

4. Play more games! Nothing beats the real thing.

5. Blog more often!


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